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Protest at the Syrian Embassy

August 12, 2011
Washington, DC

Today CODEPINK DC called for an emergency demonstration at the Syrian embassy to protest the Syrian government’s brutal massacre of over 2,000 of its own citizens. We met with several Syrian American friends and other concerned people from around the DC area and staged a lively demonstration outside the locked gates of the Syria embassy. Tighe and Medea, local CODEPINK DC office coordinators, discovered an opening in the gate and then set up our demonstration props on the other side of the fence directly in front of the embassy door. Those props included a couple dozen tombstones, marked RIP SYRIAN PEOPLE and other similar message, and a life-sized coffin draped with a “bloody” cloth. All these things represented those who had been murdered by the Syrian government since protests began in Syria a few months ago. We held up signs that said STOP THE KILLING and SYRIA TIME FOR A CEASEFIRE and along with our Syrian American friends we called upon Bashar al-Assad to step down, and for the Syrian ambassador in the US to defect.

Our group then marched with the coffin and tombstones down to a local mosque and spoke to some of the people around there about the cause. Some seemed very interested and some did not, but either way we will be back at the Syrian embassy to continue protesting, but hopefully the violence will be over soon.