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Delivering letter from Gaza to the Greek Consulate in LA

July 20, 2011
Los Angeles, CA

CODEPINK LA delivered a letter to the Greek Consulate, on behalf of people from Gaza representing dozens of civil society organizations, as a symbolic gesture of our support for Palestinian peoples demand for freedom, dignity and human rights. The letter makes it clear that the people of Gaza are fighting for their right to a life free from occupation such that they can fulfill their aspirations as human beings. It also condemns the Greek government’s support of the illegal Israeli blockade of Gaza and its expression in the prevention of the Freedom Flotilla II’s humanitarian mission to Gaza.

I dropped it off at the window asking that the Greek government be informed of our support for the plight of the people of Gaza living in an open air prison. A few minutes later, a consulate representative emerged from behind a closed door to inform me that it wasn’t permitted to take pictures and to forbid me from using any pictures I had already taken. She also informed me, dismissively, that she would pass it along, once again replicating the Greek government’s dismissal of the humanitarian crisis in Palestine. But we will not be silent and we will continue to stand in solidarity with the Palestinian people’s fight against Israeli Apartheid and oppression until Palestine is Free!

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