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2008 Sorry State of the Union Quiz 

Take our quiz and you could win an impeachment gift basket!

Answer the questions below and add your contact info to be entered into our contest to win an Impeachment Gift Basket that will include goodies like an "Arrest Bush" pink t-shirt, a CODEPINK button and bumper sticker, and a paperback copy of Elizabeth Holtzman and Cynthia Cooper's The Impeachment of George W. Bush.  One quiz-taker will be chosen randomly to receive this exciting package! 

After you take the quiz, plan to watch Bush's final Sorry State of the Union speech at 9 pm EST on Monday night, January 28.  For ideas on how to host a celebratory Sorry State of the Union party, click here

Check back to this page after the State of the Union to see the correct answers!  If you enter your email in the contact info section, we'll also email you the answers after Bush's speech. 

How many times will Bush use the word "success" when referring to the surge? (this includes "successful", "succeed")?

How many times will Nancy Pelosi blink? Watch the Cheney/Pelosi blink-off from the 2007 Address!

What statement best describes your opinion of George W. Bush?

The biggest mistake Bush ever made was ___

What has been the most defining moment of Bush's presidency?

If you could give George Bush a nickname what would it be? Read about Bush’s weird penchant for nicknames here!
What will the 2008 sob story be?
Which statements were actually made by retired, high level US Generals regarding Bush Administration leadership in regards to Iraq (you choose more than 1):

What was the Bush Administration response to this critique?

If I had to sum up the President's message on Monday night (9 PM EST!), it would be this:

Who will the cameras pan to first?

(Borrowed from Buzzflash.com) A Salon.com article asserts that author Gerald Posner recently made allegations which, if true, make it "hard to dismiss the possibility" that:

George Bush recently stated: "There is no doubt in my mind when history was written, the final page will say: Victory was achieved by the United States of America for the good of the world."

In a State of the Union speech a few years ago, Bush spoke at length about steroid use in professional athletics. Of all the things to address, we thought this a bit strange! What's your prediction for 2008's bizarre reference?

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