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Ground the Drones in Nevada
Monday, July 13th 2009  6:30 - 8 AM
Indian Springs, NV

CODEPINK will join with peace activists from Nevada Desert Experience and other groups at a "Ground the Drones" vigil at the gates of Creech Air Force Base. Drones doing surveillance and air attacks on the people of Afghanistan and Pakistan are controlled at Creech AFB. We come with a message of solidarity and concern for the people "under" the drone flights, who may be killed, injured, made homeless or otherwise traumatized, and of love for the Nevada desert and Mother Earth. We call for our tax dollars to be spent on humanitarian aid and diplomacy, not on robots for war!

This action follows on the work of Voices for Creative Nonviolence; click on website link for more info.

Creech Air Force Base
Indian Springs, NV


Janet Weil


Sponsored By:
Nevada Desert Experience