Mother's Day: Women Say NO to War!
CODEPINK reclaimed Mother's Day with powerful actions in Congress, a Women's Congress at our DC Activist House, and a Peace Festival across from the White House in DC.

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Over 50 cities joined our call to action with peace vigils, picnics, and more! See report backs and latest photos.

Mothers and families in Berea, KY, Casper, WY, Albany, NY, Ramstein, Germany, and over 50 other cities converged in parks, on bridges, and other public places on Mother's Day to declare our opposition to the Iraq war. Women held house parties with neighbors and friends to show and discuss CODEPINK's new DVD.

In New York City, the Granny Peace Brigademarched with CODEPINK, leafleting the original Mother's Day Proclamation. San FranciscoCODEPINK created a funeral procession of mothers grieving the sons and daughters lost to war, crossing the Golden Gate Bridge to Speaker Pelosi's home. ChicagoCODEPINK joined Vietnam Veterans Against the War to hand out flowers tagged with anti-war messages. In Los Angeles, CODEPINK gathered with other peace groups on the beach, erecting crosses to grieve the military casualties and plead “Not One More!”

NEW! View the Mothers Day for Peace VideoWe are all grateful to our mothers for the long hours they have spent teaching, loving, laughing and crying with us.  Please join us in honoring your mother with a message of hope for peace, watch the video with Alfre Woodard, Vanessa Williams, Felicity Huffman, Gloria Steinem, Fatma Saleh and more.
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