On July 4, 2006, CODEPINK and Gold Star Families launched an historic hunger strike called TROOPS HOME FAST, calling for the U.S. government to bring our troops home from Iraq--FAST. A core group of long-term fasters fasted in front of the White House, in Washington DC. The fast continued until September 21, International Peace Day, when there was a week of mass actions against the war.
Many supporters continued fasting beyond this date and many others covered our historic fast in the media and various blogs. Click here to read Susan Adelman's Thank You message to all the Troops Home FASTers. And for inspiration, read Robert Koehler's wonderful column on why he joined the fast and listen to Commentary on Hunger Strikes by Victoria Zackheim.
Middle East Peace Delegates Medea Benjamin, Gael Murphy and Diane Wilson visited Jordan and Beirut to work with Lebanese activists and humanitarian aid groups and help those stranded without aid in South Lebanon. They fed 500 children in the parks of Beirut on Friday and spent their days in meetings to learn how we can best help. Click here to read more about the trip a
nd and exlore our webs sections: Let Peace Live. 
Around the country, 35 groups observed local fasts. At the train station near Hillary Clinton's home in Chappaqua, 100 fasters showed up to ask her to stop supporting the occupation. Over 100 people joined in action in Chicago and in San Francisco; CODEPINK and supporters camped outside of Senator Diane Feinstein's house and fasted in front of her office for a week. We received messages from fasts in Rome, Germany, Pakistan and Egypt.