Beat Back Big Oil!

Join the ongoing campaigns to beat back big oil!

In the quest for a sustainable energy policy, some of the largest oil companies are clouding the truth behind climate change, lobbying against environmental protections, producing toxic waste, and harming human health.  You can use your consumer power to stop supporting two of the biggest polluters and obstructers of environmental progress by stop purchasing gasoline from Exxon or Chevron.  Better yet, try alternative transportation such as public transit, bike, or walking.

Take action steps to support the network of communities fighting to reign in Chevron and Exxons's worst and most harmful abuses around the world by visiting one of the following campaigns:

For as long as the world continues to use oil, there will be steep costs born by those communities that live and work at the points of oil exploration, production, transport, refining, selling and disposal. Far too often, these costs are unnoticed and unheeded by any outside of those immediate communities who are then left to do battle against the wealthiest most powerful corporations on the planet in virtual isolation and often with little success. All of us, however, pay for the subsequent wars, gross human rights abuses, pollution, climate destruction, economic injustice, and political inequality when these local communities lose.

Riding on a 25% increase in revenues, in 2009, Chevron moved from the sixth to the fifth largest global corporation in the world. Only 36 countries on the planet had GDPs larger than Chevron's $263 billion in 2008 revenues. Chevron is the largest corporation in California, the second-largest U.S. oil corporation and the third-largest corporation in the nation.

But while Chevron is one of the world's most powerful corporations, it is also the target of one of the most organized resistance movements in the world. Join that movement by taking action today!


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