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Pax Christi Long Island has put out the call

Has put out the call and is knitting herself!
Read Michele's awesome peace about activism
through craft!

Read Michele's awesome peace about activism
through craft! She is knitting as well….


has been recruiting folks on Democratic Underground!

Knittin' in Pink

(Tune: "Home on the Range")

Lyrics © by Vicki Ryder

My knees they don't bend,

And I must wear Depends,

And my boobs they are sagging, it's true,

But I'm not in a snit

'Cause I still can knit

And help CODEPINK to do what they do.

CHORUS: I'm knittin' in pink

'Cause I want the whole world to know

That I stand with CODEPINK

To say war, it just stinks,

And those greedy war mongers must go!

We women don't shirk,

We just sit down and work

With compassion and needles and wool.

We can end all the wars

And that's worth knittin' for,

So let's stop all this military bull!


Now, quick as a wink,

Hang that cozy so pink

Where everyone worldwide can see

Mothers don't raise their sons

To kill anyone!

Mother's Day is a day meant for peace.


CODEPINKers assembling
& showing off the COZY!

Sweet anecdotes:

  • Raging Grannies are knitting in Tucson, Albuquerque,
    New York, South Florida

  • Raging Grannie Vicki was inspired to write the following
    song to sing while knitting (video at
    lyrics are below

  • Celie's 85-year-old great aunt is knitting 100 pink squares

  • Evelyn is knitting with her 8-year-old granddaughter,

  • 9-year-old Sara from Tennessee emailed herself to say
    she is knitting

  • The Granny Peace Brigade in Philadelphia has answered
    the call

  • Linden Hills Yarn Shop in Minneapolis, MN (
    is collecting squares from folks in the community and will
    send them in bulk

  • Chris is knitting 5 squares, one for each of her grandchildren

  • Barbara in Kelowna, BC, Canada learned to knit for this
    project and is knitting in honor of her twin sister Charlotte

  • Sandra is knitting her squares with hearts - how to stitch
    a heart square is below

  • Terri is knitting her squares with peace sings

  • Amy in Minneapolis organized a knitting bee and served
    only pink and green foods!

  • Friends House in Sandy Spring, MD is knitting

  • Corrine from Yellow Springs, OH, a member of Military
    Families Speak Out is knitting in honor of her son, who
    spent 5 years in the Marines

  • Betsy in Bangor, ME is knitting 7 squares-one for each
    child, grandchild, and great-grandchild

  • Dana from Philadelphia is working with her knitting group
    at Drexel Law

  • Students of a Women, Peace, and War class at the University
    of Minnesota Duluth are knitting with their professor

  • The "how-to-knit" class as Gail's local community
    center in Toronto are knitting squares for peace

  • The Jeanette Rankin Peace Center in Missoula, MT has sent
    over 30 squares

  • Joy in Santa Monica is knitting in honor of her Peace
    Activist mother who always wore her "Another Mother
    for Peace" necklace and who protested the Vietnam War

  • The First Unitarian Church in providence is knitting

  • The Purls of Wisdom knitting group is sending squares
    from Los Angeles, CA

  • The Ladies Circle and Terrorist Grandmas (and one Grandpa)
    are knitting

  • Nancy is knitting 5 squares, one for each of her children
    and her granddaughter

  • Pauline in Dover, NH is knitting with her mother's favorite
    yarn--leftover from an afghan her mother made

  • Susan Roy from West Lafayette, IN is knitting in honor
    of her "mum"

  • Peg is knitting for peace in honor of her niece (who
    was murdered in Ireland) with yarn brought by her niece
    from that country 15 years ago

  • Valerie is knitting in hopes that her son-who she raised
    to be educated about the military and wars years ago-will
    be able to raise his own son (her grandson) with those same
    lessons in a more peaceful world

  • Knitting for the Needy is knitting for peace!

  • The Knitting Ministry of St. Luke's Episcopal Church
    in Long Beach, CA have knit over 75 squares for peace

  • Myra of Woolbearers Yarn Store in Mt. Holly NJ (
    in encouraging all her customers to knit for peace!

  • A group of graduate students at the University of Pittsburgh
    knitted as many squares as they could between exams

  • The Prayer Shawl Ministry Group of Shalom Mennonite Church
    in Newton, KS is knitting squares for peace

  • Marilyn's knitting 3 squares, one for each of her children

  • Terri in Wilmington, DE (see photo in visual folder)
    is knitting for peace and raised her son by her mother's

    I am a loving mother

    I have a loving son

    I did not raise my loving son

    To kill another loving mother's loving son