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International Women's Day in Gaza - 2009

Our historic 60-person International Women's Day delegation, is carrying the 2,000+ gift baskets you so generously donated to the women of the beleaguered region. We have been invited by the United Nations Gender Division to hand-deliver humanitarian aid in the region.

Six years ago, 10,000 CODEPINKers converged on Washington D.C. with a rally that encircled the White House in vibrant PINK. Three years later, and more than a 100,000 stronger, we called on women around the world to form our new global campaign: Women Say no to War.

This year, we gathered yet another international delegation to deliver aid to the women of Gaza and to expose the horrendous costs of war, weapons and occupation. Women now have to care for the physical and emotional wounds in their families and communities, while dealing with their own broken hearts. They face shortages of water, electricity, food, medicine, heat, fuel, and shelter. Some neighborhoods have been almost totally destroyed; and over 100,000 people displaced from their homes.

According to the United Nations, "Children are hungry, cold, without electricity and running water, and above all, they're terrified. Women are at greater risk of maternal death and or injury as maternity wards are being used as surgical facilities to treat the wounded."

UPDATE: Peace Delegation in Gaza City!

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Codepink IWD delegation sings at Rafah Border